Today Get the Latest 6-Digit Result – September 12, 2019. Check 6D lotto result today 9-pm draw on 12th Aug 2019. Are you interested in pari-mutuel lotteries at the PCSO lottery draw but don’t want to compete against the highest of odds? It’s time that you think about playing 4 digit games and 6 digit games among other simple lotteries. In fact, matching the numbers on 6D result is going to give you a jackpot prize of PHP 1120000. This is, probably, the maximum you are going to get with any low-odd lottery game drawn at the PCSO draw.
6D RESULT September 12, 2019 – The PCSO has just aired the official results of the 6-Digit Lottery for September 12, 2019.

6D Result Thursday– 12-9-2019

Winning Numbers:  8-2-7-2-6-7
(in exact order) 
Jackpot: Php: 

Yes, you can build wealth playing lottery games but you have to make sure that you maintain a perfect balance between low-odd and high-odd lotteries that you play. It will help ensure that you win a significant sum pretty soon. With lotteries that have low odds and are drawn more frequently, you have higher chances of winning a jackpot often. On the other hand, lotteries with the highest odds give you a chance to become a millionaire in a single go. So, make sure you try a perfect mix of games like swertres, Ez2 lotto, lotto 6/42, super lotto 6/49 and many others.

PSCO 6 D Result-12, September 2019

Minimum Guaranteed Amount (MGA) of P150,000
Furthermore, the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office determines the prizes for 6-Digit based on the following payout system:
First Prize (MGA of P150,000) goes to the bettor who gets all 6 Digits in exact order.
Second Prize (P40,000) goes to the bettor who gets first 5 or last 5 of 6 winning numbers.
Third Prize (P4,000) goes to the bettor who gets first 4 or last 4 of 6 winning numbers.
Fourth Prize (P400) goes to the bettor who gets first 3 or last 3 of 6 winning numbers.
Fifth Prize (P40) goes to the bettor who gets first 2 or last 2 of 6 winning numbers.
For your 6D result updates, stay tuned to today swertres result. Keep enjoying the lotto games you love to play and continue winning significant jackpots.

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